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Creating mobile forms for your teams in the field has never been easier.

Entirely in your control through a simple drag and drop editor.

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Free mobile App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Use anywhere and sync when next on a trusted network connection


Fits tablet and smartphone screens. iOS and Android to start.


Website and App kept simple and focussed on gathering data


Your data is safe on the App, encrypted in transit and secure on site


Four simple packages with clear dimensions or limits.


Pricing - no "per device/user" charges

You can add a Plus Pack to extend any of the paid options at anytime. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

  • £0
  • 1 Form, 10 Form elements & 100 Submissions
  • 1 Team & 10 Members
  • 25MB Storage
  • Form Elements - Text line, Text area, Check boxes, List box, Content area, Email, Date, Geo-loaction
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  • or £150 Annually
  • 5 Forms, 50 Form elements & ∞ Submissions
  • 2 Teams & 10 Members
  • 250MB Storage
  • Form Elements - All in Free Plus - Numbers (optional decimals 0-3), Telephone, Time (HH:MM), Signature block
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  • or £500 Annually
  • 10 Forms, 100 Form elements & ∞ Submissions
  • 4 Teams & 40 Members
  • 1000MB Storage
  • Form Elements - All in Bronze Plus - Pre/part filled forms (personalised/merged), Images, Video, Audio
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  • or £1000 Annually
  • ∞ Forms, 100 Form elements & ∞ Submissions
  • 10 Teams & 100 Members
  • 3000MB Storage
  • Form Elements - All in Bronze Plus - Pre/part filled forms (personalised/merged), Images, Video, Audio
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Plus Packs
  • or £150 Annually
  • Add 10 Members
  • Add 250MB Storage
  • Pricing is the same for whichever tier you're on
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