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Keeping it simple

FR Forms is a two-part solution to creating mobile friendly forms. Create, distribute and manage your forms on the website and capture data from your team or customers securely using the mobile app.

Using our free mobile app for Android and Apple your teams can collect data, even without an internet connection. This is great for teams in the field; forms can be completed offline and then be submitted when a Wi-Fi connection is available. There’s no risk of paperwork going missing, and all of your data is stored safely in one place.

Our handy drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create forms, and with a wide range of field types you can tailor your forms to suit all purposes. Your forms can be shared with your staff, friends or customers. Simply invite them to create an account and assign the form to them, which they can then access by downloading the app and signing in.

Data can be collected by as many people as you have shared your form with; you can even restrict the number of submissions of each form. All completed forms are stored securely on the website on your Organisations’ account, which can only be accessed by Admin users. The collected data is then easy for you to download and share.

With a range of packages and features, there is an FR Forms package to suit everyone. There are no contractual requirements to use our service and you can change your plan at any time.

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