FR Forms is better than ever – Version 1.2 is here!

FR Forms is better than ever!

Version 1.2 of FR Forms has been released, and the update is now available in the App stores!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

New features FR Forms app iPad on desk

Our latest update brings with it some great new features! You can now add images, videos, and audio to your forms, as well as recording location information. We’re helping you to capture more data and saving you time.

You can now:

  • Add images* – upload a photo saved on your device, or take a new one in the app
  • Record audio* – attach sounds, music or messages to your forms
  • Include a video* – film a new video, or select a video stored in your media library
  • Enable geo-location – accurately record the location where forms were filled out, and where they were uploaded

In addition to these new features we have also made some changes to improve the app performance and user experience.

Have you started creating your forms yet?

Don’t forget to login and create your Organisation, so you can start creating forms and distribute them to your team.

If you’re having any trouble, take a look at our handy help pages:

Step 1 – Getting Started on the Website

Step 2 – Getting Started on the App


*Available in our Silver and Gold packages

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