Saving Time and Money with Mobile Incident Reports – Case Study

The Problem Whenever we are called out to a roadside accident, one of the following problems can occur: Rain – it’s a problem. Laptops don’t do well when wet and paper even less so! Umbrellas are often too dangerous to … Read More

FR Forms is better than ever – Version 1.2 is here!

FR Forms is better than ever! Version 1.2 of FR Forms has been released, and the update is now available in the App stores! They say a picture is worth a thousand words Our latest update brings with it some … Read More

Simplify your Accounting processes with FR Forms

Are you fed up of chasing your clients for completed forms? FR Forms could be the solution to all of your accounting problems! Our simple drag and drop editor makes creating your accounting forms easy, and you can then distribute … Read More

I broke down last week…and FR Forms came to the rescue!

Last week my car broke down. Luckily for me, Nick from the roadside assistance firm showed up in a less than half an hour. After checking the car and assessing the damage, I waited for the verdict nervously. Nick managed to … Read More

Go paperless with FR Forms: Home Carers

Mobile forms are helping home carers – here’s how! A recent trial initiative to help free up hospital beds had been started locally – providing regular home visits by carers morning and evening to help patients recover their mobility and … Read More

Go paperless with FR Forms: Timesheets

If you have ever worked in an environment that required timesheets each day for the hours you have worked, or the projects worked on during the day, or even just timesheets for each day (or part) in the week, you … Read More

Go paperless with FR Forms: Expenses

No more excuses for forgetting your expenses! If you, like me, forget to put your expenses in for a few weeks and dread having to sit down and remember it all, then start hunting for the receipts. I used to … Read More

Go paperless with FR Forms: Catering

All of those catering order forms, stock-takes and risk assessments can create a mountain of paperwork, and it’s all too easy to forget what you need to fill out! Mobile forms will help you save time, reduce your paperwork, and … Read More

Go paperless with FR Forms: Contact Report

Complex forms made easy! Having a Contact Report form on your iPad or tablet allows information to be captured on the go. Most importantly, it allows forms to be submitted faster than paper forms, regardless of where you are. Staff … Read More

So FR Forms version 1.0 is complete and live.

Creating mobile forms has never been easier If you haven’t looked at the site or App yet pop along to and sign up for one of our Free accounts. They are NOT simply a trial period, but free for … Read More