So FR Forms version 1.0 is complete and live.

App website 1Creating mobile forms has never been easier

If you haven’t looked at the site or App yet pop along to and sign up for one of our Free accounts. They are NOT simply a trial period, but free for the entire life of the service! The Free account is limited in the types of forms and fields you can create, but it does enough for a local club or personal use.

Create your personal login and then create your Organisation to get started. If you like what you see, why not look through the upgrade account types here to find the one that would work best for your organisation.

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts offer more flexibility – with more form elements, the option to add more users, and create more forms. You can change your account level at any time – great if the number of users you need changes, or if you want access to a larger range of form fields!

What’s coming up?

We are already working on the next release of FR Forms which will include images, sound files (where you can record and add a message) and obviously file attachments. If you allow location services on the device, we have also started capturing geo-location for where the form is completed and where it is uploaded. This data will be available in your download files from the next version as well.

And don’t forget to give us your feedback! It’s important we get this working the way you need, without compromising the security we have built in.

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