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Simplicity at it’s heart – Mobile forms App

The FR Forms App is a companion to the website – where mobile forms are created and app users are invited to complete them. The App includes some sample forms, under the Organisation ‘FR Forms Sample’, where you can test out a typical form or use a contact form to find out more from us!

Using the app, you can manage your invitations to join organisations, as well as completing new forms or amending your drafts before submitting them.

Step 2 – App

  1. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Login or create an account on the app
  3. Check your invitations to join Organisations and start using their forms
  4. Fill out new forms and sync to submit them!


Take a look at the App store links below, or find out more about the Website in Step 1!

Free App available in both Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store