Go paperless with FR Forms: Contact Report

Complex forms made easy!

pexels-photo-1Having a Contact Report form on your iPad or tablet allows information to be captured on the go. Most importantly, it allows forms to be submitted faster than paper forms, regardless of where you are.

Staff in the field often lack a Wi-Fi connection; with FR Forms, reports can be completed without internet and submitted when a secure network connection is available. Great for handling private or personal data – and much safer than paperwork!

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes creating forms easy; simply select from the extensive list of fields and customise them to suit your needs. With the ability to group areas of the form together into categories or sections, complex forms are clear and simple to complete. Required fields ensure that all necessary data is included, and the handy signature field ensures members of staff or customers can sign-off your contact report forms.

Information can be recorded in the form there and then, and is securely stored ready to be distributed. Completed contact report forms can then be sent on as a document to your customer, or kept for your own notes.

Why not sign up for our Free (for life!) account now, and start creating your own forms today? With our easy to use form-builder and variety of form fields and features, FR Forms is the perfect solution for your organisation. Find out more here!

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