Go paperless with FR Forms: Timesheets

If you have ever worked in an environment that required timesheets each day for the hours you have worked, or the projects worked on during the day, or even just timesheets for each day (or part) in the week, you will know the frustration at forgetting to keep them up to date as you go. Trawling through emails to try and recall what the h*** you were doing at the end of the week or month …

So, a simple form based system that sits on your phone or tablet that you can complete as you go along seems like a solution – once you get into the habit. And if you manage a number of people in this role then you can control what is required and put deadlines on it.

Timely returnsRecord working times focus on timesheet word

We have a dozen people out there working at the clients’ own premises. There are tight deadlines to get the attendance details back, making sure they have been correctly authorised, and our invoices sent out.

Derived from the paper forms we used to use, we have created our own simple mobile forms. Each timesheet is sent out at the end of the previous week, to make sure they are ready for the Monday morning start. The timesheets are partially pre-filled with the contractor’s name and details and the week it relates to (also applies to the day rate contractors on a monthly basis).

Detailed audit trail – signed for

Each day the contractor completes the start and end times and the sheet calculates the rest. Each day it is saved to the tablet, and at the end of the week the contractor gets their line supervisor (client) to sign the form and complete the contact name. That is sent back to the central server (securely) and the signature attached as an image.

Where we have contractors working at different addresses they use the timesheet forms (slightly adapted) to keep track of travel expenses.

You can also set a “completed by” so that the form can no longer be used after a deadline date has passed – which ensures contractors submit their timesheets on time!


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