Go paperless with FR Forms: Home Carers

Mobile forms are helping home carers – here’s how!

A recent trial initiative to help free up hospital beds had been started locally – providing regular home visits by carers morning and evening to help patients recover their mobility and independence. This meant that patients could get home faster, even before they regained full independence. The scheme is short term (weeks and not months) and provides whatever aids and support is needed – most importantly helping patients to regain their confidence.

Care worker giving an old lady her dinner in her home.

Given the nature of the work as well as the trial nature meant that there was a LOT of note taking! The carers, the patient (records on improvements were added to a file, that built up over the weeks) and the trial review team were all completing forms and paperwork.

Being able to use a tablet, form based solution helped the carers immensely. The data was encrypted on the tablet login and also on the login to the App, meaning the tablets could be shared by different staff members throughout the day. The data was sent, often from the patient’s own Wi-Fi connection, to the central hub. Records were collated onto a secure central server where they could either be printed, for inclusion on the file at the patient’s house, or emailed if they preferred – ensuring the patient was always fully informed.

Using Android tablets had the added advantage of speech to text, though there was a little training to be done on some medical terms. Given the cost of Health industry solutions these days, the low cost of the FR Forms solution for carers was welcomed.

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