Go paperless with FR Forms: Catering

All of those catering order forms, stock-takes and risk assessments can create a mountain of paperwork, and it’s all too easy to forget what you need to fill out! Mobile forms will help you save time, reduce your paperwork, and store your forms safely in one place. With all of your forms on your mobile or tablet, you’ll never miss one out again.

Access your forms wherever you are

It can be hard to keep your paperwork in check when you are moving from venue to venue, or managing a busy kitchen. Using mobile forms is the perfect solution to this. Hold all of your forms on your tablet or mobile, and complete them as you go. Forms can be part filled, to be finished at a later date. Great if you are short on time, and without the risk of misplacing your form and any important information.


All of your submitted forms are accessible from our desktop site, but only by selected members of your team. So, you know your forms are safe, and you can access them anywhere – much easier than rummaging through folders to find that order form you need, or last week’s stock-take!

Assign forms to your team

Forms can even be assigned to different members of your catering team. You could send a stock-taking form to your kitchen staff, or a timesheet for your waiters to record their hours. By filling out their hours on their phones or tablets as they go, you can ensure everyone records the correct time. Adding a “completed by” date also means your timesheets should be submitted on time – making it much easier to arrange your payroll.

A signature field can also be added to your forms, as well as photos. You can get your client meeting forms signed by the customer, or add photos to your stock taking forms.

What if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

Need to fill out various forms whilst you are at a catering venue? Completed forms can be saved in the App, and then submitted whenever you have a secure internet connection. Great if you are at a remote location, or outside without Wi-Fi or mobile data!

Mobile forms aren’t just for the tech-savvy. Our easy drag-and-drop form builder makes creating risk assessment forms, inventory and stock-taking forms, checklists, client meeting forms, and even timesheets simple. Why not transform your paper documents into mobile forms today, and see the improvement in your efficiency!

Sign up for our Free (for life!) account now, and start creating your own forms today!

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