I broke down last week…and FR Forms came to the rescue!

roadside assistance mechanics repairing carLast week my car broke down. Luckily for me, Nick from the roadside assistance firm showed up in a less than half an hour. After checking the car and assessing the damage, I waited for the verdict nervously. Nick managed to fix the car fairly quickly and I was ready to drive off as soon as the usual paperwork was done – which in some cases can take longer than repairing the car!

Simplifying paperwork

I was surprised when Nick came back from his van with a tablet in his hands. He joked that in his 60’s he had to modernise and get with the times. His company is using FR Forms to record the roadside assistance jobs they attend to. He filled in my details, my car’s registration number, dates and made a note of the problem, plus how long it took him to fix it. The app let Nick take a photo of the damage and repair work, and the geo-location feature meant our location data was captured in the form too. As soon as he tapped to save the report, I was ready to go.

Improving response times

Nick mentioned that since the roadside assistance team have been using FR Forms, their response time has improved. At last they can go home on time, without worrying about reports and paperwork that needs to be filled in. The forms also have required fields – so there is no need to worry about having incomplete forms, or forgetting an important piece of info and needing to chase it up at a later date. Head office knows as soon as a job has been completed, and the mechanics can save a report even when they are stuck in places with poor mobile internet connection.

Ready to create your own forms?

Are you a roadside recovery team or a mechanic? An engineer or a carer? Why not sign up for our Free (for life!) account now, download our free mobile forms app, and start creating your own forms today? With our easy to use form-builder, variety of form fields and features, FR Forms is the perfect solution for your organisation. Find out more!

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