Saving Time and Money with Mobile Incident Reports – Case Study

motorway road roadside recovery carsThe Problem

Whenever we are called out to a roadside accident, one of the following problems can occur:

  1. Rain – it’s a problem. Laptops don’t do well when wet and paper even less so! Umbrellas are often too dangerous to use next to high-speed roads, due to the gusts of wind from passing HGVs.
  2. Windy conditions. They actually pose a real threat and safety has to be our priority, so we often have to reschedule work. Not to be mentioned the often ‘hilarious’ thought of papers blowing down the M1…
  3. Sun can be tricky, too. Laptop screens can be almost impossible to see.
  4. Lengthy documentation. If the problem can’t be solved immediately then we need to document what the problem is, why it is a problem, and what is needed to fix it. This can be tedious to explain in qualitative detail. This would then need copying up once we’re back in the office (providing the papers survive enroute!!).

The Solution

What we really needed was to solve ALL of these problems. Fortunately, FR Forms (a cloud based ‘software as a service’) turned up to solve everything!

FR Forms allows us to fill out a form on the app via our tablets or iPhones. We can now take a quick photo of any damage and attach it to the form – which is so much quicker than trying to describe it! The forms also use geo-location, so it records the location of where we attended the incident and completed the form.

Once the forms are finished, we just have to sync them back to head office in seconds, saving tonnes of time on documenting any problems we face on the roads.

The Results

  • More accurate data recording – required form fields mean important information cannot be left out. Photos and geo-location provide useful evidence, all stored in one form.
  • Improved record keeping – consitency across all incident forms.
  • Saved time – no longer need to type up incident forms, synced form data can just be downloaded.
  • Reduced risk of losing customer data and incident information.


Ready to create your own forms?

Are you a roadside recovery team or a mechanic? An engineer or a carer? Why not sign up for our Free (for life!) account now, download our free mobile forms app, and start creating your own forms today? With our easy to use form-builder, variety of form fields and features, FR Forms is the perfect solution for your organisation. Find out more!

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