Simplify your Accounting processes with FR Forms

Are you fed up of chasing your clients for completed forms?

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FR Forms could be the solution to all of your accounting problems!

Our simple drag and drop editor makes creating your accounting forms easy, and you can then distribute them to as many of your clients as you would like. You can also send different forms to different clients, which can be easily managed on the desktop app.

The forms can even be set up so the completed data is easy to fit into your own processes or software. Simply export the submission data into an Excel file and you can then transfer or merge it.

How could your Accountant use FR Forms?

One example of how FR Forms is being used, is to help clients with their expense forms.

The accountant simply allocates the form to their client, and the client receives the form on their mobile device – which can be an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. They can then fill it out when and where it suits them, and sync the data when they have an internet connection to send the completed form back to the accountant.

Our handy form features include a photo field and a signature field. Your clients can simply take a photo of their expense receipt for each item (saving you from sifting through stacks of receipts – and then finding some are missing!) and attach it to the form. They can also sign the form, confirming who completed it.

The forms can also have an expiry date. Set the date that the form must be completed by, and your client will not be able to fill out a new form after the deadline. It’s a sure-fire way to get them to send you their forms on time!

Small businesses and one-man-bands can use FR Forms for their expenses too!

Why not create one of our Free (for life!) accounts, and put together your own accounting forms? You can fill them out wherever you are – on a job site, on the train, in the office. By adding to the form as the expenses occur, you won’t have to spend hours trawling through receipts and expenditure from months ago! Simply attach your receipts and send over to your accountant when you’ve completed the form.

Ready to create your own forms?

Feeling inspired? Why not sign up for our Free (for life!) account now, download our free mobile forms app, and start creating your own forms today? With our easy to use form-builder, variety of form fields and features, FR Forms is the perfect solution for your organisation. Find out more!

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